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)x for Institutions

Strengthening legal institutions for effectiveness

I help institutional stakeholders make data-driven decisions and be more effective with state of the art high-level consulting, rigorous development economics, as well as AI and innovation. The focus is on improving effectiveness in developed countries and developing countries alike, for mutual benefit.

Kweku Opoku-Agyemang


Unparalleled impact and scale for developing country legal and institutional sectors and stakeholders

Strategic partnerships and investments for economics and development

When development economics meets its potential. The next generation of impact evaluations for impact and development at scale. Tackling the hardest problems on the planet within and across both developing and developed countries. A better world.




Take your gender commitments global with rigorous science

Scale Collaborations

Data-driven, rigorous solutions for the next-generation of impact


Resonate with the youngest populations in the world

Institutional Impact with Macroeconomic Contexts

Institutional development economics and the future of work

Political Economy

Be quantitatively guided by dynamic contexts

Economic History

Be quantitatively guided by historical contexts

Institutions and Development


The goal of )x is to ensure that institutional development stakeholders have access to rigorous, scientific and data-driven decision-making to enable them to meet or exceed their goals within their unique contexts. The specific goal(s) of this initiative may include:

Data-Driven Awareness and Effectiveness

This includes a full analysis based on data collection and research design to help improve marketing effectiveness.

Data-Driven Strategy

This includes a full analysis based on data collection, manipulation and research design to help improve decision outcomes.

Data-Driven Partnership and Investment Decision-Making

This includes a full analysis based on data collection, manipulation and research design to help improve organization impact.

Algorithmic Fairness and Research Transparency for Social Impact

Using algorithmic fairness and research transparency to ensure that enterprises maximize social impact.

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