The New New Political Economy Abstract

Development Economics X Paper Three


The goal of the New New Political Economy (NNPE) is to understand important needs that are prevalent in the policy sphere, which, I argue, have significantly evolved since Sir Timothy Besley’s classic article, “The New Political Economy”. NNPE is neither an agenda for technologists to dominate subject matter expertise in development nor for applied economics to substitute for economic and political theory. Rather, the goal is to extend development economics’ engagement with related fields such as economic history, management consulting, technological change and thus go further in operationalizing and actualizing its policy implications. In so doing, the NNPE makes the case that competence in classic works in economic and political thought and modern social science are complements by connecting technical development research agendas to policy maker and on-the-ground needs. The paper is a Besleyian personal manifesto presented in the hopes of both helping keep the current generation from cynicism with the status quo and helping the next-generation bring their energy and creative thinking to the field.

Opoku-Agyemang, Kweku (2022). "The New New Political Economy." Development Economics Paper Model Three.